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Digital Art

I have always been intrigued with art. My creative side has always shined through for as long as 
I can remember. A few years back I came across an Instagram account that created digital art. I 
downloaded my first application, which was Adobe Draw (I don’t think it exist anymore) and I 
became fascinated with all the possibilities. Now that I look back, that may have been my 
beginning with combining my love for creativity with technology. 

Take a look and ENJOY!

SmartSelect_20201029-141632_Adobe Draw.jpg

Game Over
The competitive spirit flows
strong within this one. My 
daughter is my main inspiration
to always strive for more and 
never forget to be creative.

SmartSelect_20201029-231757_Adobe Draw.jpg

Love is in the Air
This digital art piece was created
for my brother and his beautiful 
bride. I was his best man in his
wedding as he was in mine. He
is not only my brother but he is my best friend.

SmartSelect_20201026-113242_Adobe Draw.jpg

Gasparilla 2020

January, 2020 before masks,
mandates, and excessive hand
washing. The annual pirate fest
in Tampa Bay, FL. My wife and I
just moved from St. Louis, Mo.


The Myers Mash

Halloween has always been a

favorite holiday of mine. This art
piece was created from a picture 
of me and my family dressed up
As a family of monsters Circa 1992.


Date with the Devil

Lucky for me I found a wife who
enjoys Halloween as much as I do. This Digital art piece was created
from a night out on October 31st 2018.


Axel'd rose & slashed

Sometimes you have to add a little gore! Halloween 2017.

SmartSelect_20201022-175122_Adobe Draw.jpg

Zaddy Shark doo-doo-doo

This may easily be my favorite
digital art I have created. It 
definitely took me the longest.



Laidback relaxin

After posting many artworks
to my Instagram account, this was my first commissioned work. A follower asked me to turn his profile pic into art and I happily obliged. 

SmartSelect_20201011-122228_Adobe Draw.jpg

Life is all about Balance

This digital art was created to be fun and whimsical. My daughter has a huge imagination and I enjoy capturing that and creating art with her.

Thanks for looking!

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